Friday, February 22, 2008

Making money the easy way

I just wanted to share with everyone this awesome site that allows you to make money easily from the comfort of your own home. I have tried everything that comes down the pike, often spending lots of money only for it to not pan out. Well the site I'm sharing is free to join and you never have to buy anything...EVER. All you do is complete surveys and offers and you make money. I know, I sounds to good to be true. I thought so too but this actually one actually works. I'm not saying you'll make enough to quit your day job or fly off to the Rivera but who couldn't use an extra $100 a month?? Thats what I average...$100 a month for very little time and effort. Once you sign up, you simply select an offer or survey. You complete only up to the page that says "Thank you" or "Congratulations". Once you get to that page you stop, close the window, go back to cashcrate's page and submit the offer. Some offers credit immediately, some can take up to 2 weeks. Once you reach $10 you will automatically be sent a check. Its that simple. I would advise a free email account to use for the can get one from gmail or yahoo, only because it does generate a bit of spam. Also, if you like a free phone number to use on the offers (I don't blame you...I did too) you can sign up with the other company I listed below. They will give you a free phone number to use for all the offers and surveys. The calls will be routed through them to our phone but you will get paid for every phone call made to that number. How easy is that?

Remember, both are completely free so what do you have to lose? Please click on the links below to get started and good luck!!

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